Multimedia creativity

Screenplay development • Art, character and production design

Animation and Motion Graphics • Video editing and composition

Animation • Video games • Comic and Graphic Novel • Film and Television • Illustration • New Media

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Multimedia creativity

Screenplay development

The work of a scriptwriter is not just to write what the characters are saying.


From the first minute I get involved creating a universe and all its branches, in order to think up a bible which is useful to give consistency to the project, whether or not fictional.


Besides the development of the Bible, also I have experience in developing dossiers for submission of any project (broadcasters, producers, potential investors…)


And i’m a screenwriter too…

Ideas for fiction proyects (TV, film, video games and multimedia...)

Non-fiction projects (documentary film, television, interactive formats...)

Development of bibles and presentation files


Art, character and production design

All the creativity needed to take a project forward.


Whether it is an audiovisual production or a video game, a graphic novel or a project multimedia; It is always necessary to start from a previous design.


Based on prior Bible, sets an artistic design and aesthetics according to the history that you want to tell.


This artistic design is based on the characters, but also extends to backgrounds, props, assets…


Layouts and cinematic

Characters and background design

Concept art

Animation and Motion Graphics

This process gets a bit of the soul of the animator and gives it to the creations.


I have experience in traditional animation techniques or using animation software such as Adobe Flash, After Effects or Toon Boom Animate Pro.


Characters and scenes animation for audiovisual projects (animated short films, TV series, movies…)


Character animation for interactives (video games, applications for mobile phones…)

Traditional animation (frame-by-frame)

Cutout animation

Digital keyframe animation (Flash & After Effects)

Video editing and composition

And, finally, the process of post-production…


Editing until the result is the desired for the project.

This process includes the color grading (color correction between shots), applying effects and composition.


Experience in editing with Avid machines and digital editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut)

Video editing

Color correction

Special Effects

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